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The Awakening  - L.J. Smith I was told that the television show adaption of this novel was very, very good, but I was not aware that it was a loose adaption. I emphasize loose here because apparently, the television show is good, but the book is most definitely not.
Let's start off with the basic idea. Stefan Salvatore, an Italian vampire, moves to Fell's Church, wishing to be able to fit in among humans. His brother, Damon, is also a vampire. They share a very harsh mutual hatred. Stefan is the 'good' brother, while Damon is the 'bad' brother.
Stefan was tolerable enough. He apparently cared for Elena and put her safety above his own.
Damon is an arrogant ass who, in my opinion, lacks any attractive qualities- besides his appearance, of course.
(One can't help but think that his appearance is an attempt to redeem his less than desirable personality traits)
I, personally, prefer Stefan. He was less of a dick. Damon is a sack of dicks
Now. Elena.
Where do I even start. Where.
I despise Elena. Not because she's a slut. I don't believe in slut-shaming. Not because she's popular. Not because she's pretty. Hell, I even acknowledge that she's a pretty good girlfriend (only towards Stefan, though), resisting Damon and refusing to give in to his temptation.
I hate her because she's unbelievably shallow.
She fancies herself a queen. A real queen. I cannot even count how many reference are made regarding queens. Commoners, a royal table, a scepter, crowns, and a royal court (though, in her defense that was for Homecoming- but still). A character accurately describes her, saying, "You [Elena] only want everybody and everything revolving around Elena Gilbert. You only want everything you don't have." She treats people less popular than her like trash (e.g., Frances), manipulates others into doing as she likes (e.g., Jean-Claude, Meredith's rumor-spreading, making the blood pact with Bonnie, etc.), and nearly loses her shit because a guy walked by without looking at her.
Shit just got serious.
So, evidently, the entire universe is off-balance because Stefan didn't look at her as he walked by.
God help you Elena.
If you like shallow girls, first-class cunts I mean seriously Damon is an ocean of douche I MEANT RUDE BOYS, and cheap romance, go for it bro.
Otherwise, stick to the TV show.
P.S.: Want to have a good laugh? Try reading all the intimate moments with 'Make It Rain' playing in the background. Maybe that's why I can't take this book seriously.