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Remember Me - Christopher Pike See, here's the thing; it's three books in one. I liked the first. I didn't like the second. I hated the third. So I averaged the ratings (4, 3, 2) but then I thought my overall dislike of the series was so great three stars was too much, so I gave two instead.
Starting with Remember Me: Shari Cooper falls from the fourth story of her friend's apartment one night at a party. As a ghost, Shari stalks her friends, absolutely certain that one of them pushed her over.
It's an interesting enough plot, and it was wonderfully written.
Then it all goes downhill with The Return.
In the afterlife, Shari is given the chance to live again in the body of an 18-year-old who gave up on life.
I thought this one was rather dull, but it wasn't bad, per se. Just boring.
The Last Story, however, is boring and bad. Shari, having overcome all the struggles of suddenly returning from the dead, now faces various temptations that threaten to distract her from what is really important.
Here, we see nothing of the Shari from Remember Me. She has somehow grown weak-willed, giving in to the slightest challenges and threats. What happened to the girl who followed her friends and intruded upon their dreams to find her killer? What happened to the girl who would stop at nothing to make sure she is remembered?
I can't answer any of that, as I'm not the author. My best recommendation would be to read Remember Me, and, if you're willing to, read The Return. If you have to force yourself to finish The Return, don't bother with The Last Story.